Our Projects

Our main activity is raising funds for the six schools and homes run by the Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation – a Ugandan non-government organisation which provides education, food, shelter and healthcare to orphaned and destitute children in the Kampala and Masaka district. We use this money to support the following projects:

Education and Homes

To help them have a better start in life we aim to support children through their education. We offer those in need a safe place to live. We also cover basic running costs, including teachers wages.


Many children go hungry as the schools struggle to cover the cost of providing one meal every day. Through the support of donors we can give them the money to buy basic food supplies or even start growing their own.


Schools lack important resources such as books and classroom equipment. Thanks to the hard work of our supporters we are able to make these resources available, improving the children’s education and helping them to learn.

Clean water

Children need access to clean, safe drinking water that doesn’t cause such illnesses as typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea. With your help we will be able to support the installation of boreholes that give people access to clean water all year round.


In a country where malaria is one of the biggest killers it is vital that there is basic healthcare available. The clinic in Kamuzinda diagnoses and effectively treats around 8-1- cases of malaria every day, along with other diseases and infections.

The Farm School Project 2015

Please click for the farm school presentation If you can help us with this in any way then please contact us at: comms@pearlofafrica.org.uk