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Thanks to Falmouth Rotary and all their supportes for helping bring clean water and sanitation to needy children in rural Uganda.

This will provide the Children’s Village at Kamuzinda with a motorised borehole which  will be connected to a tank from , which water will be piped to the villages of Kamuzinda, Bulewego and Manywa;  Bulembe’s borehole will be repaired.   Ecosan toilets will be built at
the Nazeren Vocational School and the Farm School and Water Harvesting and Hand Washing Facilities installed at the Primary and secondary schools.

The villagers will be given training to help them farm better and to get better prices for their crops thus increasing their incomes.   Toilets and water collection systems will be installed for those elderly and infirm most in need.

See the following link for all the details:

With a little help from our friends